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SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2019



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To be able to participate in the Xplor Bravest Race Evolution, the minimum age is 16 years of age. Children (16 and 17) must also be accompanied by an adult or a guardian to sign the liability release document.

The Xplor Bravest Race Evolution is a race in the Riviera Maya at Xplor Park, which is 6.5 kilometers in length, where you will face more than 40 obstacles.

It is a journey in a natural terrain that includes jungle, caverns, cenotes, stone walls, caverns and much more.

Although it is a challenge, it is also an event in which you will have a lot of fun and be able to share unforgettable moments with your companions, while you help each other overcome the obstacles.

No, you will be given your competitor's kit on race day and you will have to be ready to overcome the course and obstacles.

You must arrive at least 2 hours before your wave time. Come early, you'll have a great time!

They are groups of competitors that leave every 30 minutes, and you can only participate in the group in which you registered.

They begin at 8:00 h and end at 15:00 h, with a break from 11:00 to 11:30 h.

No, food and drinks will be on sale at the event, and water will also be available at water stations along the course.

It is an event that lasts the entire day of the race, where you can have fun with your friends, family and other competitors. There will also be live music, food, beer, contests and surprises. This year you will have fun with dinosaurs, cavemen and xplorians.

To achieve your maximum evolution and become a Bravest X you will have to finish the race having overcome the special obstacle of each of the four stages, to obtain the four Evolution Gems. This will make you worthy of receiving the commemorative pin for Xplor’s ten-year anniversary.

No. Only registered human competitors can take part in the event. We love animals, but please don't bring your pets to the race.

Nothing happens. Go ahead in the race, there are still many obstacles to overcome. Have fun and use it for motivation for the next race Xplor Bravest Race. When you reach the goal, you will receive your rewards for the effort.

Yeah, sure. There will be music, food, beer and many surprises, plus you can show them your medal or commemorative pin.

Each race is different, but if there are swim zones and you don't swim very well, you will be able to use life jackets, ropes, inner tubes, etc.

In case of any physical impediment or injury, you will have to notify the judge of each obstacle. If you give up and don't overcome a specific obstacle, you will not be able to receive the Evolution Gem of that obstacle.

Wear comfortable sports clothes, cross training tennis shoes, and if you like, a creative costume to help you overcome the obstacles. Remember you might have to crawl through mud, water and much more.

Natural obstacles, as the name suggests, are those that use natural objects to challenge you, and the created ones are built specially for the race.

Sure! It's always more fun in a team, and you can plan your strategy and have extra help at the obstacles.

Of course! This is a challenge for anyone who wants to compete. Teams don't have a specific number of members and are for both men and women.

Welcome Bravest! Please send a request along with details of your products to info@xplorbravestrace.com with the heading: BRAVEST PARTY.

Send a message to infoxbr@xcaret.com with all your details and we will contact you immediately.