Xplor Bravest Race Elements is a fun out of the ordinary race through the natural scenery of Xplor park. Along natural, man-made, and incidental obstacles the elements will play for or against you to challenge your physical and mental stamina.

During the race you’ll encounter Elementals, human representations of wind, earth, water and fire, where one will be your ally to help you succeed, depending on the element you chose at the time of registration, and the others will be your rivals and will play against you.

Choose the element you most identify with to be your ally for Xplor Bravest Race Elements:

Water - The Force of Nature

  • As an ally - I give energy and vitality
  • As a rival - I am untimely, indomitable and elusive

Earth - The Home Where Everything Flourishes

  • As an ally - I give courage and resistance
  • As a rival - I am persevering, patient and cautious

Fire - The Heat and the Light

  • As an ally - I give power and drive
  • As a rival - I am explosive, unpredictable and difficult to control

Wind - The Breath of Life

  • As an ally - I give vigor and new strength
  • As a rival - I am omnipresent, imperceptible and fast

You will be able to earn flags by overcoming special obstacles from the rival elements. Also at certain times of the race you will be able to chase the rival Elementals to grab their flags. Only those “Brave Runners” who get flags from the four elements, no matter which one is your ally, can become “The Bravest”.


  • An official ID with photo (IFE, INE, passport, FM2, FM3).
  • If you are a underage (16 and 17), you must be accompanied by your parents or guardian who must sign a liability release document.
  • Must sign a liability waiver to enter the registration area.
  • Bring cash for food, drinks and souvenirs.


  • Wear sportswear or a fun costume if you like and running shoes. Gloves can be helpful.
  • Bring a towel, a change of clothes and an extra pair of footwear as you'll need them after the race.
  • You should arrive at least two hours before your designated schedule time.


Remember this is a real challenge and we want you to finish it like a champion. You will have new and fun experiences that will push you to your limits.

We will help you get ready; each week before the event we will post, via our social networks, functional training sessions that will help you successfully finish our event, recommending specific exercises. Taking part in this program is your own responsibility, since, like with any other training programs, you could injure yourself.