SEPTEMBER 22nd, 2019


Xplor Bravest Race Evolution!

The next step in your evolution is at the Xplor Bravest Race Evolution, the most challenging and fun race in Cancun and Rivera Maya. You will come up against a new 6.5 km circuit filled with more than 40 obstacles located at Xplor park, where you will have to overcome these challenges with strength, resistance, and your adaptation skills.

Run, climb, swim, jump, roll, crawl and more, with your partner and friends through the four stages that take you through 300 million years of Earth evolution: Pangea, Dinosaurs, Xapiens and Xplor; in each one you will have to choose between two paths that will determine the obstacles you will face. In addition, at all stages you will find a special obstacle, which when overcoming it, will give you one of four Evolution Gems, when you get them all, you will become a Bravest X, which will earn you the commemorative pin of the 10 year anniversary of Xplor.

Your maximum evolution awaits you at the Xplor Bravest Race Evolution!